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Katherine Friedman

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Motivator & CEO

Meet Katherine Friedman


Kat Friedman is the founder of Habitats by Kat which combines real estate, travel and hospitality and empowers those with the same passions to become their own CEO.

We provide HBK consultants access to book luxury real estate for clients to travel the world and truly experience it. Today’s traveler wants a new sense of style and of course, instagrammable moments.

Kat was raised in MA with entrepreneurial parents and her twin sister. Growing up, Kat was busy with “social studies” while her sister was excelling at school. Let’s put it this way, coloring inside the lines, was never her strength.

As a grownup, Kat excelled at Marriott and succeeded in many positions for nearly 10 years. Always looking for a challenge, she switched gears to take on New York City Real Estate.

Early 2019, Kat started building her business, in her 400 sq. ft apartment on East 74th Street. Glamorous right? It clearly runs in the family as her father started his business on East 71st street 40+ years ago.

Kat remains in NYC, now in a 600 sq. ft apartment and continues to color outside the lines. She unlocks others ability to build their own business, on their terms, using her personal toolbox, mentorship and guidance.


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Do you have a passion for Real Estate, Travel and Authentic Hospitality experiences?

Join Kat as she unlocks the door to global real estate for you to access for your network, providing you the revenue for a fulfilling lifestyle. Ask yourself this, are you ready to create your own rules so you don’t have to follow the ones in front of you? Are you ready to become a global real estate concierge & CEO? Breaking the rules never felt so good!

This FREE call is often eye-opening for social media connoisseurs, real estate lovers, hoteliers, travel & lifestyle bloggers and last but certainly not least, those who are ready to color outside the lines.