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Kat worked for Marriott Hotels for nearly 10 years and left in 2019 to become a Realtor in NYC along with starting a travel business. Her entrepreneurial spirit allows her to combine real estate and hospitality under one brand while remaining at the forefront of innovative technologies to help her community grow and market their businesses.

In 2019, Habitats by Kat was born which is a travel agency laying the groundwork for what Kat calls "The Modern-Day Travel Agent" while also selling Real Estate under the same brand. Shortly after Kat launched her business, she was fortunate enough to have Sam Heyer, her twin sister team up with her to grow the company. In short, Kat and Sam believe that travel influencer's, bloggers, and content creators are the future "Travel Agent" in addition to entrepreneurs such as Real Estate Agents. People want multiple revenue streams and travel is a service and benefit that many entrepreneurs and small business owners can earn passive income through while growing their brand and bottom line.

Outside of Kat's leadership responsibilities she handles real estate deals primarily representing investors looking for guidance in buying, selling, and managing rental vacancies. She also supports select clients looking to buy and sell for primary residence in NYC and is an expert in explaining the process from start to finish while providing a five-star service with her strong hospitality background. On the hotel side, she manages various corporate and social accounts while sourcing and negotiating business rates, room blocks and conferences worldwide.

When Kat isn’t working, she enjoys traveling (I guess that's a given), spending time with family and exploring new things to do in NYC. Although she was born and raised outside of Boston, Kat has lived in NYC for nearly 10 years and considers herself an official New Yorker. Kat has a passion for supporting local businesses and shopping fair trade which led her to partner with Threads Worldwide. She loves hearing from other entrepreneurs so don't be shy if you'd like to connect with Kat!

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Kat is actively recruiting new talent to join her team and would love to hear from you. When the pandemic started and NYC shut down, her business was set back dramatically due to lock downs and being quarantined in a small apartment on the Upper East Side. Through these extremely challenging times, she found a way to continue growing her business which is what led her to scale Habitats by Kat. She commits to being an authentic, honest, and relatable leader who heavily relies on the tough times she endured when mentoring her team. HBK is run by Kat and her twin sister Sam which implements a strong family dynamic and environment. This style of leadership is close to home for Kat and Sam given their parents owned a business for over 40 years which plays a role in their management style.

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