Hospitality Training for Real Estate Agents

Hospitality Training for Real Estate Agents

In case you don’t know the story, we will start from the beginning. Kat worked at Marriott hotels for 10 years and was always in sales and marketing. She wound up representing Marriott International and all 30 brands globally with an account portfolio of 40 million. Although she loved the company and her position, she was ready to advance her career which is when she started her business Habitats by Kat, and became a Real Estate Agent in NYC. NYC Real Estate is not an easy feat, but Kat found a way to have quick success in this business and she attributes her production (over $20 million in Real Estate sold over two years) to the client service training Marriott provided her. At the start of 2023, Kat realized she needed to develop an HBK Hospitality Training & Certification focused on supporting Real Estate Agents with leveling up their client communication. When you are a new Real Estate Agent it’s hard to earn the trust of new clients. You don’t have any transaction history or production to give you the confidence to win a new listing or the trust of a buyer. Instead of the pressure and conversation always around how much real estate you have sold, Kat’s training will help you focus on client service, communication, and the operations behind real estate deals to relieve new agents from this struggle.

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